Roasting & Brewing Coffee at Home | Dabble Event
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Roasting & Brewing Coffee at Home | Dabble Event

If coffee is your jam, it's time to take your love back to your kitchen, make micro-batch coffee, and brew it to perfection! This class is taught by Nicholas Novotny of Printer's Row Coffee Company, the newest micro-roaster in Chicago.

Students will learn everything they need to know about how to start home coffee roasting (they will also roast a small batch in an air roaster to see how easy it really is).

Not only will you learn several different methods of how to brew coffee at home including: French Press, Pour Over, Chemex, Siphon, Aeropress and Cold Brew, but you will learn the different variables with each method (grind settings, temperature, etc.), Participants will also see how larger batches are roasted on a commercial roaster and take home freshly roasted coffee (about 1/2 lb.) from the class.


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